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3 Reasons Jews Should despised

by Yulio adi candra , at 11:47 PM , has 0 comments
3 Reasons Jews Should despised
3 Reasons Jews Should despised - First , God insists that Mushrikeen with the Jewish nation is the greatest enmity against the believers .
لتجدن أشد الناس عداوة للذين آمنوا اليهود والذين أشركوا
" Indeed you dapati the most violent enmity for those who believe are the Jews and the idolaters . " ( Surah Al - Maidah verse 82 )
No wonder when the war in Gaza yesterday Jewish Zionist regime of Israel is deliberately made ​​the Muslim Palestinian children as their military target . Because they think the Palestinian children in Gaza will grow into the ' terrorists ' .
Secondly , the Prophet shollallahu ' alaih wa sallam describes the Jews as the greatest of his malicious nature of the Islamic Ummah . Envy in Arabic does not mean just jealous or envious . Envy in Arabic containing at least three senses:
( 1 ) Envious see others acquiring a pleasure
( 2 ) Trying hard in various ways so that the enjoyment of the person's escape
( 3 ) After the escape he will try his best to move to the enjoyment of his
Here are three items that contained by malicious word in Arabic . And according to the Prophet shollallahu ' alaih wa sallam Jews are the most loaded malicious nature .
إن اليهود قوم حسد , وإنهم لا يحسدونا على شيء
كما يحسدونا على السلام , وعلى آمين
" Surely the Jews are a people full of malicious nature . And they are not malicious towards something as hasadnya against us ( Muslims ) in the case of ( speech ) " Hello There " and " Amen " . ( Saheeh Ibn Khuzaimah HR 1500)
Through the above hadith the Prophet shollallahu ' alaih wa sallam explained that among the main causes envy Jews to Muslims because we practice prayer " Hello There " to each other when met . This speech reflects the love and brotherhood that thrives among fellow believers . And it is not preferred by the Jews . Therefore they are very well known in politics " split bamboo " or divide et empera when facing the Islamic Ummah . They really hate each other see Muslims berkasih - pity and maintain unity . That is why they gave candy to Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah group gave the Hamas military aggression . Palestinian Muslim majority nations they make their collaborators , while others are destroyed and accused of being a terrorist group ...!
Another thing that causes them envy us is saying " Amen " . The usual greeting is played Muslims as they prayed in congregation in the mosque - prayer , especially praying Fajr , Maghrib and Isha when Imam download jaharkan prayer readings . Therefore Jewish hate against Muslims habits - especially the men - enforce the prayers in the mosque . They will strive mightily to distance Muslims from doing this . And that is why most of the brutality of the Israeli Jewish troops yesterday in Gaza is destroying at least 22 buildings mosque where some of them dirudal during ongoing prayers ...!
Third , God confirmed that most of the Jews had a habit of treason . Only a few of them who are not traitors character .
ولا تزال تطلع على خائنة منهم إلا قليلا منهم
" .. And you ( Muhammad ) will always see the perfidy of them except a few among them ( which is not treason ) ... " ( Surah Al - Maidah verse 13 )
Jewish history is a history of betrayal . They used to betray the Prophet messenger of God . In fact they usually betray God ...!
One example of Jewish treason against God is described in Sura Al - A'raf . Where there is a Jewish village that banned fishing on Saturday. But under God taqdir fish it just appeared to sea level on Saturday only, while in other days the fish are not visible . So what do the villagers ? Nominally held fishing nets on Saturday night . Then on Saturday they watched the fish into the nets that trap they set . Then she arrived Sunday before they go out nets before the fish got out of it .
واسألهم عن القرية التي كانت حاضرة البحر إذ يعدون
في السبت إذ تأتيهم حيتانهم يوم سبتهم شرعا
ويوم لا يسبتون لا تأتيهم كذلك نبلوهم بما كانوا يفسقون
" And ask the Children of Israel on the land which is situated near the sea when they break the rules on Saturday , in time to come to their fish ( which were around ) them adrift on the water surface , and in the days that are not Saturday , the fish did not come to them . So we tried them because they act wickedly . " ( Surah Al - A'raf verse 163 )
That is why when we remember the first time the Israeli killing machine attacked Gaza on December 27, 2008. The date is Saturday . They deploy warplanes dropped dozens of unmanned missile that killed hundreds of Gazans . They anticipate a curfew on Saturday by way of deploying unmanned war machines . So they kill by relying on modern technology which can be set remotely . They betray God's law by scheming ghetto just like in the case of fishing ban in the Saturday ...!
If only they betrayed Allah let alone " just " the Palestinians who they value not only not human . Jews regard them as a nation than Ghoyim or Gentile in English . Ghoyim means creatures which are not categorized as a human being because they are not Jews .
Brother, this is a small part of the reason why we need to be hostile to the Jews . Surely there are many more long list of their crimes . It is true hadith of the Prophet shollallahu ' alaih wa sallam below :
عن عدي بن حاتم عن النبي صلى الله عليه
وسلم قال اليهود مغضوب عليهم
From Adi bin Hatim of the Prophet shollallahu ' alaih wa sallam , he said: " The Jews are the wrath of God ... " ( Tirmidhi 2878 )
Yulio adi candra
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