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Muhammad laughter

by Yulio adi candra , at 7:38 AM , has 0 comments
Muhammad laughter - Prophet is a role model who either (qudwah hasanah) for humans. Therefore, for anyone who crave happiness in this world and the hereafter, then it must imitate him.

It has been mentioned in some hadith about the depiction of the Prophet laughed.
Among them, the hadith says,

"He's not laughing, but just a smile." (Reported by Ahmad in al-Musnad: 5/97; hadith is also contained in Saheeh al Jami ': 4871).

And in another hadith that,
"He was a lot of silence and a bit of a laugh." (Reported by Ahmad in al-Musnad: 5/86; hadeeth is also in Saheeh al-contained Jamh ': 4882)

Later, Aisha (his wife) said:

"I saw the Prophet is not the occasional laugh out loud, so that all I saw was her smile." (Narrated by Abu Dawood: 5098)

Here's a laugh that good and ideal. Because according to the example of the Prophet, the best man on the face of the earth. He laughed a little (not redundant).
Then when he laughed, not carried too far up out loud, but he just smiled.
And the impact that had inflicted incredible. He was always fit and healthy, then also still favored by many people.

Hopefully this small note, can
a lesson for us.
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Yulio adi candra
Muhammad laughter - written by Yulio adi candra , published at 7:38 AM . And has 0 comments
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