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Iskandar Zulkarnain

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He also has built a great wall of high-tech for the size of the time, between two Mt. Historians believe, the walls are made of iron mixed with copper it is located right in the Caucasus mountains. The area is now called Georgia, former Soviet republics.

Topographically, the Caucasus mountain range that was seen extending from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea along the 1,200 kilometers with no gaps. Except on a small section called narrow slit along the 100 Meter Darial less is more. In the gap that Zulkarnain build a barrier wall of Gog and Magog.

The story of Alexander the persona is also written in the annals of western people. In the note described how he was victorious conquests to expand the area within a very short period. Because of this triumph, he was given the title "Alexander The Great" Alexander the Great ". Later this story was adapted into a movie by U.S. director, Oliver Stone, with the title of Alexander The Great.

But the story of western people are very contrary to that mentioned in the Qur'an. The commentators stated, "Alexander The Great" is a different person with a character that is written in the Qur'an, Namely, Alexander. Thr Alexander the Great was not reported in its history had built a great wall of high-tech for a moment, made of iron mixed with copper. In fact, he was a polytheist. History does not record it as a devout Muslim king to religion monotheism.

Muslim historians who are also expert commentary, Ibn Kathir, in his book Al-Bidayah Nihayah Wan explains, although have the same name and plot the same story, namely its power stretches from West to East, they are really different. Between them stretched the distance and time to 2000 years. "Only those who do not understand the history that can be fooled by the identity of those two," he said.

Ibn Kathir further explained, Zulkarnain is the name of a title or nickname penglima conqueror at once pious king. Because of his piety he always invites people to worship God. But they were broken, instead hitting the horns - Qarnun, the hair on the head of the bunch - the right, until he died. Then God brought him back, and he went back to preaching. But once again left his horns are beaten, so he died again. Allah brought him back and called him Zulkarnain, two Horn owners, and give him power.

The same story is also encountered in the book Jami al-Bayan fi Tafsir Al-Quran, by Sheikh Al-Ash-Shafi'i Aiji. In the book mentioned, Zulkarnain was an obedient servant to God and invites his people to worship God. Then they hit the horns of the right to die. Then Allah revived, and he returned the Oneness of God invites his people. But they even hit the horns are left to die again. Then Allah revived and gift to his unparalleled power. Hence he was nicknamed Zulkarnain.

In addition to the two books, the Muslim exegete Ibn Jarir Tabari also tell the tale in the book of Tabari commentary. It is said, Alexander was a man who came from Rome, he was an only child one of the poorest among the urban population. But in daily life, he lived in the neighborhood of the kingdom, along with the officers and friends with women who are good and virtuous and noble.

Imam Al-Qurtubi in the tafsir of Al-Quran books are popular, Tafsir Al-Qurtubi, telling, from a young and noble Iskandar infancy. Doing things well so lifted his good name. He is also a noble among his people, so God was pleased to give him authority.

After reaching the age of puberty, Alexander became a servant of righteousness, so that Allah He will say, "O Zulkarnain, Behold I have sent to the peoples of the earth. They are people of different language and they were the people who are in all corners of the earth. They are divided into several groups. "

Received the mandate, Zulkarnain then said, "O God, Thou hast My assigned thing else things that I do not do it unless you own power, then tell me about the peoples, with what strength I could resist them? With what patience I could resist them? And with what language I should speak to them? How well I can understand their language, while I do not have the ability. "

Then Allah says "I burden you something you can do that, I would vacate hearing and your chest until you can hear and notice everything. Make it easy understanding so that you can understand everything, facilitate your tongue, until you can talk about something, open sight, so you can see everything, multiply your strength up to an unbeatable by anything, roll up your arm, until nothing is bold attack, strengthens heart, until you're not afraid of anything, strengthen your hands until you can master all things, strengthen your footing until you can overcome all things, give glory to nothing scare you, beat you light and darkness, and make one of the army. That light will be the guide in front of you, and it will get around in the darkness behind you.
Iskandar Zulkarnain
Iskandar Zulkarnain - written by Muslim , published at 10:29 PM . And has 1 comment
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Zulqarnain was a king he ruled the world 5,000 years ago. Wall of Yajooj & Majooj is in Dagestan in Central Asia. As literature say's Yajooj & Majooj have been trying to make hole through the wall for last 5,000 years & yet nobody seen them. Yajooj & Majooj are human & their population is more than Muslims. America & Russia are Yajooj & Majooj.. Photo is Moon turned into a Serpent in England, this is sign of prophet Moses
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