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7 According to the World Happiness Indicator Companion Ibn Abbas

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Who is not familiar with Ibn Abbas . Senior companions who always accompany the king Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam . Among the commentators , he was the foremost among the others . at the age of 9 years only small Ibn Abbas has memorized the Quran and become imams . Until the Prophet ever prayed specifically for him .
" Allahumma faqqohhu fiidaini , wa a'llamhutta'wiila "means : " O Allah , give him understanding of the religion and teach him about takwil "
One day he was asked by the tabi'in about regarding what is meant by happiness of the world .
Ibn Abbas said, there are 7 indicators of the happiness of the world :
First , Qalbun syakirun or heart is always grateful .
Having a soul means always gratefully accept what is ( qona'ah ) , so there is no excessive ambition , no stress , these favors are always grateful for the heart . An extremely intelligent clever grateful to understand the nature of Allah , so that any given instead he was fascinated with God and making God's gift .
When in difficulty he immediately remembered the words of the Prophet Muhammad :" If we 're hard to consider a person who is more difficult than we " . When you're given the ease , he was grateful to the charity reproduce worship , then God will test it with greater ease . If he remains " disobedient " to continue to be grateful that Allah will test it again with even greater ease .
Blessed are those who are good then grateful !
Second . Al azwaju shalihah , ie pious spouse .
Pious spouse who will create the atmosphere of a family home and the pious as well . In the Hereafter a husband ( as the family priest ) will be held accountable in getting his wife and son to kesholehan . Blessed to be a wife if you have a pious husband , who definitely will be working hard to bring his wife and son to be a pious Muslim . Similarly, a pious wife , will have the patience and tremendous sincerity in serving her husband , despite how bad the behavior of her husband . So blessed to be a husband who has a wife who is pious .
Third , al auladun abrar , the pious son .
When Prophet Muhammad again thawaf . Prophet Muhammad met a young man who shoulders abrasions . Once completed tawaf the Prophet Muhammad asked the young man : " Why is the shoulder ? " The young man replied : " O Messenger of Allah , I am from Yemen , I have a mother who has udzur . I really love him and I never let go of him . I gave my mother only when defecating , when praying , or when a break , besides the rest I always carry " . Then the young man asked : " O Messenger of Allah , if I already belong to the people who are dutiful to parents ? "Prophet hugged the young man and said : " It is God's blessing to you , you son of a pious , dutiful son , but my son know , love your parents will not be shortchanged by you " . From the hadith we get the picture that our deeds were not enough to reciprocate the love and kindness of our parents , but at least we can start with a pious child , where the child is pious prayer to Allah granted his parents guaranteed . Blessed are you when you have a pious child .
Fourth , albiatu Sholihah , which is an environment conducive for our faith .
The definition of an enabling environment is , we should recognize anyone but to make it as our best friend , should people who have added value to our faith . In a hadith , the Prophet encourages us to always hang out with people who are pious . Pious people will always invite to goodness , and to remind us when we do wrong .
Pious people are the ones who are happy because it favors and favors Islamic faith who always radiates the light of his face . Insha Allah it will come shining light those who are nearby .
Blessed are those who are always surrounded by people who are pious .
Fifth , al malul halal , or lawful possession .
Islamic paradigm in the abundance of things but the property is not halal . This does not mean that Islam does not tell his people to the rich .
In the history of Imam Muslim in the chapter sadaqoh , Prophet Muhammad had met with a friend who raised his hands to pray . " You pray is good " , said the Prophet , "But unfortunately the food , drink and clothing and place of residence obtained haram , how his prayer was granted " . Blessed be the one to wealth halal because God granted his prayer is very easy . Lawful possession will also keep the devil out of her heart , then her getting clean , pure and solid , so give peace in her life . So blessed are the people who always carefully guard his treasure halal .
Sixth , Tafakuh fi deen , or passion to understand religion .
Understand the spirit of religion embodied in the spirit of understanding the Islamic religious sciences . The more he learns , the more he is aroused to learn more knowledge about the nature of God and His creation .
God promises favor to his people who seek knowledge , the more he learned the more love he had for his religion , the higher the love of Allah and His Messenger . Love is what will give light to his heart .
Understand the spirit of religion going to " live " her heart , a heart that " life " is a heart that is always filled with light and deliciously scrumptious Islamic faith . So blessed are those who fully understand the science of the spirit of Islam.
Seventh , the baroqah age .
Baroqah age it means that the older the age of the pious , that every second is filled with deeds . Someone who fills her life for the happiness the world alone , then his day will be filled with a lot of nostalgia ( daydream ) about his youth , he is likely to be disappointed with ketuaannya ( post - power syndrome ) . Besides, his mind focused on how to enjoy the rest of her life , so she began to daydream busy world who has not pleasure he had felt , his heart was disappointed when he was not able to enjoy the pleasure she wanted . Meanwhile, people who fill its age with many preparing for the afterlife ( through acts of worship ) so the older the more he longs to meet his Maker . His day is filled with romance with the Merciful . There is no fear to leave this world , even he was hopeful of soon feel the natural beauty of the next life as God promised . This is the spirit of " live" people baroqah age , then blessed are the people whose age baroqah .
Such messages from Ibn `Abbas . about 7 indicators of happiness the world .
How to keep our God -given happiness to seven indicators of the world ? In addition to our efforts to improve yourself , then ask Allah SWT to as often and as humility ' may read broom universe ` prayer ' , which is the most common prayer read by the Prophet Muhammad . Where the first line of the prayer " Rabbanaa aatina hasanaw fid dun - ya " ( which means "God grant me the happiness the world " ) , has a meaning that we are asking God to the world's seven indicators of happiness mentioned Ibn `Abbas , the heart always thanksgiving , a pious spouse , pious children , friends or pious environment , the lawful property , the spirit to understand the teachings of religion , and age baroqah .
Although we admit it is hard to get the seventh is in our grasp , if we at least got part of it is we should be grateful .
As for the continuation of the universe broom prayer is " wa fil aakhirati hasanaw " ( which means " and also happiness hereafter " ) , to acquire only by the grace of God . Happiness Hereafter is not heaven , but God's grace , God's mercy . Heaven is just a small part of the grace of God , we go to heaven not because our pious charity , but because of God's grace .
Pious charity that we do throughout our lives ( though every day of fasting and prayer night ) is not enough to get a ticket to heaven . Pious charity as perfect whatever we do for the rest of our lives are not worth the favor of heaven promised by God .
Prophet said , " Charity pious that you do not enter you into heaven " . Then they asked him : " What about you, O Messenger of Allah ? " . Prophet replied : " I was too pious Charity is not enough " . Then the companions asked again : "Then with what we go to heaven ? " . Prophet again said : " We can go to heaven just because of the grace and goodness of God alone " .
So we pray , we fast , we taqarub to God is actually not to heaven but to get the grace of God . With God's grace that we receive God's heaven (
Insya Allah, Amiin ) .
7 According to the World Happiness Indicator Companion Ibn Abbas
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